How to Build Your Best College Application


You’ve made some big decisions. You’ve narrowed down your list of desired colleges and you think you’ll be a great fit. You’ve worked hard in high school to get good grades, be involved in clubs or teams, and demonstrate your leadership abilities. As senior year approaches, deadlines for college applications will be looming. So how do you make sure you get noticed on your college application?

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Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for College


Many parents and high school students feel overwhelmed and uninformed when it comes to planning for college. Some may feel that college is too far away to worry about, but the college application process is not as simple as it once was. Long gone are the days of simply filling out the application and paying the deposit. With colleges and universities increasing their entry requirements and costs annually, it is important to begin planning now. It is never too early to begin investigating...

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8 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal College


Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions about college? How do you know which school is the right fit? Is a big or small university environment best? And do you have enough credentials to get accepted? Based on an honest assessment of your strengths, special talents, and what you desire in a college, you should begin evaluating what schools you may have an interest in attending early in your high school career. Though applications aren’t required until senior year, planning...

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What Every Middle-Schooler Needs to Know About College


We know what you’re thinking. College? In middle school? Your child isn’t even a teenager yet. The middle school years are a formative time to begin thinking about what possibilities may be available for your child. After all, he or she will be on his or her own in just a few short years.

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"Providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment" is the opening phrase of the Mount Paran Christian School mission statement. While we do strive to provide the most academically challenging education in Atlanta, it is our commitment to become a strong, diverse, and inclusive environment that reflects the richness of what a Christ-centered environment is and how that sets us apart. In keeping with this core truth, MPCS has come together to initiate CommUNITY.
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ParentEd. – Teen Trends


Keeping up with the latest teen trends is an exhausting and often impossible task. Just when we parents think we have wrapped our minds around a social media app or trendy phrase, a newer and “cooler” trend is born. Our teens face so many obstacles and pressures — ones that we have never had to face. Before we address a few teen trends, it’s important to understand the profile of a teen in today’s world..


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To Save or Not to Save: 529 Plans are the Question


Saving is never easy, but it is perhaps one of the most important things parents can do to protect the future for themselves and for their child(ren). With no way of knowing what the future holds, we are nevertheless bound to be ready for it… or not ready for it, as the case may be. Employment changes, health changes, family needs change. All we can do is decide what is likely, what we hope to do, and what is a predictably possible, then do our best to prepare.


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