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Most in the Mount Paran Christian School community are aware that our MPC cheerleaders recently won consecutive State competition cheer title number SIX. What an accomplishment! As did many of you, I had the privilege of watching their practice routine before they left, and I was blown away! After witnessing the endless tumbles, flips, and tosses, one thing was very clear -- these girls were ready. Their preparation, discipline, and trust in each other was evident in their performance. It...

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Service Through Sacrifice


I want to tell you about one of my first memories of a veteran. When I was about six years old, I remember watching my father labor to meticulously build 40 picnic tables as one of his side jobs. He had to work these extra jobs because he took a pay cut when his company moved him to working a desk job. You see, my father served as a munitions specialist in the Air Force and was stationed in Germany around 1960. His job was to reach his arm into a nuclear warhead to arm it for daily practice...

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You Say You Want Reformation


Have you ever felt that you weren’t good enough? That no matter how hard you tried you could never measure up? Every day, we face expectations from parents, teachers, coaches, and we often fall short. Our rooms are never clean enough, our grades are never good enough, our efforts on the field are never strong enough. As much as we aim to please, we are caught in a constant battle of meeting demands that seem to be just out of our reach. We are left with the tension of trying harder or...

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STEAM-Training Teachers


One of the most prominent questions in education today is how can we properly prepare our students for the world of the 21st century. MPCS leadership is answering this question in many ways. As an institution striving for academic excellence and best practices for student learning and retention, MPCS has placed a large emphasis on teacher training. While we expect our children to learn curriculum, it is equally important that our staff be continual learners themselves. 


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High School Fishing


Last year, MPC athletics embarked on the inaugural season of the Mount Paran Christian fishing team. Our school ventured into sport fishing due to several students already fishing through local bass clubs. Because MPCS is blessed with having Lake McDonald on campus, it was a natural fit to have our own fishing team. Athletic Director, Mitch Jordan, and Outdoor Education Teacher/Coach, Connie Arnold, gave the green light to proceed with this amazing opportunity for our school.

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In today’s culture, information is readily accessible on laptops or digital devices. It’s time for library media centers to make a change from the information age to the imagination age. 


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Integration of Art, Technology, and Music


Individually, music, art, and STEAM classes in the MPCS lower school bring excitement and smiles to the faces of our students who thrive in these creative, hands-on environments. Add in a collaborative project that moves through all three classrooms, and the energy becomes contagious.


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