The Influence of Teens with a Pen


Mount Paran Christian School teenagers are using the power of the written word to influence and encourage others in their faith. For over a decade, students in select English and Creative Writing courses at MPCS have embraced the challenge to write devotional articles for a Christian teen magazine. Upper Room Ministries’ Devozine, written by teens for teens, has an online and print readership of almost 200,000 this twentieth year of publication. Whether for group Bible studies or private...

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ParentEd. – Venom of Vaping


They are popping up on almost every corner. Vape shops — with their flashy neon signs and catchy names, they are luring our kids to come in and explore what they have to offer. Admittedly, the flavors are enticing: watermelon gummies, root beer float, chai tea latte, apple caramel drop. How can something that sounds so delicious and harmless pose a threat to our kids? After all, it’s not smoking, right?


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Stanley Club


While the beginning of a new year causes me to look forward with excited anticipation of what God has planned for MPCS, it also allows me to reflect on the people who have brought us to this moment in time. A school is best defined by the people who commit long-term to the mission of a place; those who share in both the growing pains and struggles that naturally come with the educational adventure, as well as the joys and rewards of seeing a mission advanced and student lives transformed.


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Symbols of His Gift


Over the past few decades, the legendary Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog has featured some pretty amazing gifts. Their catalog in the 60’s offered his-and-her submarines for $18,000 and a hot air balloon for $6,000. In 1970, you could buy a life size Noah’s Ark, complete with some animals for $588,000. And this year is no can purchase a New Year's Eve Times Square party for a measly $1.6 million.Maybe a million dollar party isn't at the top of your wish list this year, but...

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ParentEd. – Five Tips for Studying Smarter, Not Harder


The struggle is real. When asked about the top frustrations created by the challenge of guiding their children through thirteen years of school, parents listed these roadblocks related to their child's homework and study habits: no organization, lack of work ethic, procrastination, and failure to accept responsiblity. For many families, these challenges cause frustration, tears, and disappointment.


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Beyond the Script


Dramaturgy in American Literature Classes   

MPCS junior, Jimmy Jennings as Jo March? Classmate, Noah Rymut as Beth? Such interesting casting may have occurred in MPCS American Literature classes this semester. Long and sentimental, yet loved by many, the novel Little Women is seldom read in the classroom. However, when the Mount Paran Christian School drama department announced a plan to produce the musical version of the play, a cross-curricular project was born.


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God's Perspective


Oswald Chambers wrote,

“The measure of the worth of our public activity for God is the private profound communion we have with Him. We have to pitch our tents where we shall always have quiet times with God, however noisy our times with the world may be.”

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