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#BeKind is a focused effort to teach students to value the God-given uniqueness of every child, friend, teacher, coach, staff member, etc. It is more than just acting nicely - it is learning the core values of good character and effective interpersonal skills. It is a way to develop relationships - crossing cultural, developmental, and socioeconomic boundaries, and encouraging intentional acts of kindness, big or small. It is about being "salt and light" by modeling Christ-like character to all of those around us. You may have already heard of the #BeKind "movement" and we have now brought it to MPCS in every grade-level! 


Why #BeKind?

The #BeKind initiative began in a neighboring elementary school and has expanded to many schools across the metro-Atlanta area. An MPCS mom, Kaye Long, had experienced some challenges with her son and approached our counselors with the #BeKind model to help combat meanness that can unfortunately be common among young children. Kaye humbly shared, "My family went through several difficult situations. It has not been easy and it left us feeling challenged. How do we teach our son the value of being kind? And how can we teach him to be the type of kid that others can be kind to?" As He faithfully does, God answered the prayers of Kaye and the MPCS counselors with a very simple answer… #BeKind.

bekindteachersIMG_3117-636023-edited.jpg#BeKind will be more than a “campaign” or a “program” — it will be a way of life at school and will hopefully transform every person on our campus. We are going to grow together as partners in our homes, school, and community to the true meaning of kindness. We will engage God’s Word in Matthew 5:14 in new ways to show the world that kindness has no filters, no limits, and no expectations. We are going to develop students' understanding of kind acts - both random and planned. We will learn that each and every person deserves kindness no matter what they do, what they look like, how they act, or who they are. We will aim to shine our light to others and share the love of Jesus through our kindness. 


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Positivity Combats Bullying

As social networking becomes more popular, recent polls show about 80% of all high school students have encountered bullying or repeated exclusion in some form online. This trend is contributing to increased depression, violence, and suicide in schools across the nation. As Christian educators and parents, we need to be proactive to combat it. In a world where bullying is becoming more of a crisis in schools and among children, we believe that we have the opportunity for our Christian school to show the difference that Jesus makes when He is at the center of everything we do. Christ-centered teaching gives our school a powerful platform and foundation from which to build on. Imagine a school where outsiders see the character of Jesus reflected in students on the field, on the stage, in the classroom, and in the community. We want to insipire and instruct our students to live out a higher calling that reflects the love and kindness of Christ.



Rolling out the Kindness

MPCS will be introducing kindness concepts to our students this year by integrating #BeKind and related scripture into chapels, small groups, classroom expectations, prayer, and campus activities. We hope you will partner with us and let #BeKind become a reality in your own home as you model kindness in both actions and words. Our hope is that #BeKind is not just a theme for one year, but a culture of intentional love and kindness that will be built among our community of families for years to come. 



Dana Gray serves as a Lower School Counselor at Mount Paran Christian School. 

To learn more about how faith is integrated with strong academics in every level at MPCS, please click here.


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